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My Art Evolution Story.

My Landscape Era...

Believe it or not, my original love of art was painting bright colourful landscape pieces. That was my comfort zone and those who knew me or came across my work pre-2005 would strongly agree.


My Abstract Era...

I refer to 2006 as my 'Picasso Era'. During this time, my work was all about experimenting with different abstract techniques and mediums. It is during this era I made my first online sale with the help of a DJ named Adrian. I did not even realise my work had been purchased by a firm in the city, until two weeks after the sale when I received a message asking ‘When will we be receiving this piece?’.


My Portrait Era...

At some point, I developed a fascination of drawing portraits, which led to an obsession of deeply staring at all the different faces I was coming into contact with on a daily basis, imagining how I would paint them and what colours I would use. I apologise to everyone I weirded out during this time…It was all in the name of art. I created various types of portraits using oil paints, acrylic paints, oil pastels, you name it!!!


My Fashion Era...

I accidentally fell into the Fashion Industry after a successful stint producing a high end show for a New York based Branding Agency. From then on, my world became all things fashion. During this time, I also discovered ‘fashion illustrations’, a new type of art I had not previously explored, which resulted in the birth of my greeting card range ‘Love Genevieve’. My ‘Love Genevieve’ greeting card range was exclusively sold via luxury mini design chain 'Lifestyle Bazaar'.


I absolutely loved drawing fashion illustrations and it instantly became my new addiction. I would spend hours sketching and being my own worst critic, of course.  Being an individual who likes unique things and one-off vintage pieces, I needed and wanted my greeting cards to have more meaning, project empowering messages and be completely unique to what was already being offered on the market. I wanted my greeting cards to make women feel special…fabulous…exclusive, so I started incorporating fabrics, big massive bows, pearl beads, sequins and all those fabulous things on my cards to create that WOW factor.


...And so the journey continues. Please stay connected and watch this space!


Yolande X

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